2 Minutes to Midnight Results

2 Minutes to Midnight was one of the hottest events in Heavy Metal Wrestling’s young history. Fans were packed inside of The Guillotine on June 8th to witness the mayhem that only Heavy Metal Wrestling could provide. Joined by San Antonio metal band “ABSENCE OF SOLITUDE“, the athletes of Heavy Metal Wrestling were all itching for a fight.

The first bout was underway quickly when “The Bounty Hunter” BRYAN KEITH attacked TERRALE TEMPO from behind and got the jump on the man who has quickly become a fan favorite. Hot off an appearance on WWE’s 205 Live, Bryan Keith was looking to notch a victory over Tempo and collect on Great Scott’s bounty that he placed on the head of his rival, Terrale.

Bryan Keith surveys the damage that he has inflicted, as the referee checks on Terrale Tempo’s condition. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

But despite his tenacity and his mean streak that seemed a mile long, Bryan Keith was unable to put down Terrale Tempo, much to this dismay of Great Scott and Kiefer Bartek – two men who hate Terrale Tempo with the fire of a thousand suns. Tempo was able to nail Bryan Keith with “Paying Dividends” and that spelled disaster for The Bounty Hunter. Tempo was able to score a pinfall victory over Keith to start out 2 Minutes to Midnight. But that wouldn’t be the end of the action. As soon as the referee’s hand counted three, KIEFER BARTEK and GREAT SCOTT again hit the ring to make their presence felt, attacking Terrale in the process. Eventually, Tempo would fall victim to a devastating spear from StarTek, leaving the two human pieces of trash standing tall.

StarTek stomps on the head of Terrale Tempo as Great Scott takes his time getting into the ring. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

Up next was a bout between “Jazzy” J. SERIOUS and the masked luchadore FANTASTICO. In a match that was filled with innovative maneuvers and counters, these two men went to war to prove who the superior lightweight athlete was. In the end, it was Fantastico who was able to pick up a victory, despite some underhanded tactics from J. Serious. Typically not one to attempt to cheat, J. Serious attempted to remove the mask off of Fantastico – something that is widely considered to be disrespectful in the world of lucha libre. After Fantastico was victorious, J. Serious apologized for his actions and the two shared a handshake in the middle of the ring after a fantastic bout.

Fantastico tightly cinches in a headlock on J. Serious. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

As 2 Minutes to Midnight rolled on, JOHNNY SWOLE made his presence felt when he called out any member of the Heavy Metal Wrestling roster. As confident as ever, Swole proclaimed that there was no one in the back who could beat him. That was until the man who is widely considered to be the Heart of Heavy Metal – RUBEN STEEL – decided to take Johnny up on his offer. In one of the harder hitting matches of the evening, Swole and Steel took each other to their limits, but it would be The Heavy Metal Berserker who would pull out a victory. After the match, Johnny Swole made sure that everyone knew this was far from finished.

Johnny Swole prepares to smash Ruben Steel’s head into the corner of the ring. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography>

After a hard hitting bout between Ruben and Swole, we were treated to the man who claims to be bigger than Heavy Metal Wrestling – KIEFER BARTEK. Otherwise known as StarTek, Kiefer was looking to notch his first victory in Heavy Metal, as his debut the month before was spoiled when he was defeated by Terrale Tempo. Tonight, he was matched up against a man making his first appearance in Heavy Metal Wrestling – CONNOR CRUNK. The young dynamo with a multitude of charisma, Connor looked to show what made him such a lethal competitor and that was his ancient martial art – Crunk-Fu. These two men battled hard and it was a distraction from StarTek’s personal manbun stylist that allowed Connor Crunk to pick up the upset victory in his Heavy Metal debut! An irate StarTek looked to extract a measure of revenge, but Connor was halfway home to Houston, TX by the time the bell rang.

Up next we had trios action when the tandem of “Always Ready” KODY LANE, ETHAN PRICE and “Absolute” RICKY STARKS joined forces to take on the formidable team of ZAC TAYLOR, CHRIS CRUZ and former WWE superstar RICARDO RODRIGUEZ!

The tandem of Team 101 and Ricky Starks look on at Ricardo Rodriguez and Chris Cruz, and don’t seem impressed. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

This match was insane! Full of high octane action and all types of athletic maneuvers, there was no doubt that this match had the potential to steal the show. And despite being a first time team, the trio of Zac, Chris and Ricardo looked to be on the same page for the majority of the match. It wasn’t until things started getting very chaotic that Ricky Starks decided to take his ball and go home, deserting the duo of Lane & Price. Yet, despite Starks’ tantrum and exit from The Guillotine, Kody and Ethan’s team work shined through and they were able to pick up a huge victory over Zac Taylor, Chris Cruz and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Kody Lane covers “Next Level” Zac Taylor following a devastating KODnadian Destroyer. Photo credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

And then it was time for women’s action! The duo of ALEX GRACIA and ALEXA teamed up for the first time in Heavy Metal Wrestling under the name of “THE A-TEAM. The two friends went to battle last month, with Alex managing to pick up a victory. This month, the two friends were originally slated to face each other in a rematch, however they requested to be placed in a tag team match as the two friends weren’t looking to face off again anytime soon. Heavy Metal Wrestling granted this requested and found the tandem of “Wild Thing” ROCKELLE VAUGHN and Texas Wrestling Academy graduate MYKA MADRID to face off against The A-Team. After a hard hitting match, The A-Team proved to work better as a team and were victorious over the duo. Following their big victory, it was announced that The A-Team would be facing off against The Twisted Sisters (Thunder Rosa and Holidead) at our next event on July 13th.

The A-Team (Alexa & Alex Gracia) celebrate following a hard fought victory. Photo credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

And then there was the main event of the evening. GREAT SCOTT taking on the hardcode legend MASADA. Instead of trying to put the mayhem and chaos into words, we’ll just leave you with these still images of the carnage.

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