JUST ADDED: “The Leader of the PolyAm Cult” MV YOUNG is returning to Texas and you better believe that he is bringing along his 17,000+ romantic partners! KING MV has quickly become one of indie wrestling’s most talked about and talented athletes, and it’s for good reason. Despite being what some would consider vain, MV Young has proven time and time again that he’s more than a pretty face and willing to get his hands dirty. He’ll need to keep that same energy on June 12th at 3PM when he faces off against one of the most underhanded athletes Heavy Metal Wrestling has on our roster.

GREAT SCOTT, for all of his tainted victories, is incredibly talented in his own right and will undoubtedly be a hell of a test for the returning Young. Despite all of his talents, Scott has consistently managed to take the easy way out of many high profile matches, most recently notching a victory over AJ Gray. The Heavy Metal original has seen a shaky start to 2021, as he placed near the bottom of the Texas Grand Prix. There’s no doubt that a victory over “The Leader of the PolyAm Cult” would go a long way towards getting Great Scott’s stock back on track. Will the adoration from his fans he refers to as “The Scotty Posse” be enough to will Great Scott to victory over MV Young?

We want to give a huge shout out to the crew at HIGHSPOTS HANGOVER, who have teamed up with us to present this event! Tickets are available at!

Please note that social distancing will still be in place and facemasks will be mandatory.