A Look Back at “Out Of Step”

OUT OF STEP took place on December 15th, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas at The Guillotine on 1816 N Main Ave. Headlined by ECW Legend RAVEN's first appearance, Heavy Metal Wrestling was firing on all cylinders for a jam-packed crowd that was more rabid and blood thirsty than usual! As the last major event of the Heavy Metal year, Out of Step was the perfect way to cap off a historic year. "The Heavy Metal Berserker" RUBEN STEEL teamed up with the former leader of The Flock to take on the duo of TEAM 101 - "Always Ready" KODY LANE & "The Scholar" ETHAN PRICE in a match that went off the rails! SHIGEYUKI KAWAHARA, the youngster from Japan, squared off against GREAT SCOTT in a hard-hitting contest that went down to the wire. TERRALE TEMPO took on an mystery opponent set up by DAN THE MANAGER. And, THE NEW HORIZONS went toe-to-toe with THE EPITOME OF WRESTLING in tag team action! Check out OUT OF STEP below for absolutely FREE 

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