Heavy Metal Wrestling’s first Champion to be crowned on 1/25/19!

After five long months, The Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament finally reaches it’s culmination.

In one corner is “Jazzy” J. SERIOUS, a man who by all accounts should have been eliminated in the first round when he went toe-to-toe with “The Canadian Hercules” Tyler Colton. Typically outsized in just about every match he steps into, J. Serious was behind the 8 ball when he faced Colton, but he managed to pick up a victory when many had already written him off. He went on to face the heavily favored “Always Ready” Kody Lane in the second round. J. Serious again went on to defy the odds and knocked off Lane to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament. In the Semi-Finals, he faced “The Millennial Falcon” Kiefer Bartek – a man known for using any underhanded tactic possible. Many figured that Kiefer would steal a victory, just as he had done all tournament long – but again, J. Serious defied the odds and picked up a victory to propel him into the Finals. Now, on January 25th at PROJECT BAD ASS – he has the opportunity to cement his Heavy Metal Wrestling legacy as the first ever Bexar Knuckles Champion.

But he’ll have to go through The Son of Texas to get it.

MOONSHINE MANTEL, a god damn hoss if there ever was one, arrived to Heavy Metal Wrestling just a few short months ago – but he’s already made a lasting impression. Since defeating 20 other men in a Battle Royal to earn the last spot in the tournament, “The Son of Texas” has steamrolled any competitor placed in front of him. It started with Zac Taylor. He was left in a heap. Then it was “The Scholar” Ethan Price, but he was no match for “The Maverick”. And in the Semi-Finals, Moonshine went head-to-head with the heart and soul of Heavy Metal, “The Heavy Metal Berserker” Ruben Steel. In a hard hitting bout, Moonshine continued his historic tear through the tournament and defeated Ruben to advance to the Finals. With an opportunity to add another Championship to an ever-growing Championship cabinet, Moonshine Mantel is the odds on favorite to walk away with the gold.

With the Bexar Knuckles Championship and the honor of being named Heavy Metal Wrestling’s first Champion hanging in the balance, will J. Serious be able to overcome the odds one last time? Or will “The Son of Texas” continue on his warpath to the top of Texas? There’s only way one way to find out. You had better fucking be there on January 25th at The Guillotine.

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