Unforunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, MASADA will not be appearing at #AintTalkinBoutLove on February 10th, 2018. But you can expect to see The Ultra Violent Beast in a #HeavyMetalWrestling ring very, very soon!

Replacing someone like MASADA is a difficult task, so we’re jamming as much action into the main event as we possibly can! GREAT SCOTT will look to continue his dominance as he faces one of his biggest challenges yet. He’ll take part in a FOUR CORNERS ELIMINATION MATCH against some of the fastest rising stars in professional wrestling! The first entrant is a man that Great Scott is quite familiar with – JORDAN LEN-X! Scott does hold a pinfall victory over Len-X, albeit with a bit of outside assistance – so Jordan will undoubtedly be looking to right that wrong in this one. The second entrant is “The Big Margoogliack on Campus” MIKEY MCFINNIGAN – a man who is embodies the term “wild card”. A true loose cannon, no one really knows exactly what is he capable of, including Mikey himself. And finally, the last entrant will be MYSTERY OPPONENT! This competitor has asked that his identity be protected, but we can assure you that he is one of the most “serious” competitors around.

Make sure you’re there to witness the frenzy that will surely be the main event!

Tickets available at!

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