"Jazzy" J. SERIOUS captured the Heavy Metal Wrestling Bexar Knuckles Championship on March 23rd, 2019 after defeating 15 other men in a 6 month long tournament. As the first Champion in Heavy Metal Wrestling, J. Serious has picked up the Heavy Metal banner and is running with it!

RUBEN STEEL defeated Joe Demaro to become the first ever Heavy Metal Thunder TV Champion, presented by True Hardcore Wrestling Fans on the March 6th, 2019 episode of Heavy Metal Thunder! "The Heavy Metal Berserker" has defended the title against anyone put in his path!


Aaron Mercer is as old-school as they come. A ruthless brawler and stiff striker, Mercer is young in experience, but has shown that he has has tremendous upside. One half of the tag team "The Hybrid Brusiers" with Richie Garcia, Aaron Mercer is one to keep an eye on.

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"The Pink Dream" Alex Gracia has catapulted to the top of professional wrestling in her rookie year! Energetic, loveable and as fiery as they come - "The Pink Dream" has set out to show that she is the top athlete in Heavy Metal Wrestling!

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Bryan Keith has been a thorn in the side of many athletes and our fans since arriving in Heavy Metal Wrestling. "The Bounty Hunter" is always on the hunt and looking to collect. Armed with a bad attitude and "The Quickest Kicks in the South", the sky is the limit for BK.

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Connor Crunk is armed with a martial art that was lost eons ago - Crunk-Fu. "The Master of Crunk-Fu" applies his unique style in the Heavy Metal Wrestling squared circle and throws opponents off their game.

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"The Lone Star" Curt Stallion is one of the toughest talents in the world of professional wrestling. Able to take a beating as well as he can dish it, Curt Stallion has become a fan favorite because of his tenacity.

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Dimitri Alexandrov, also known as "The Russian Bear Fighter", is from St. Petersburg, Russia and loves to throw down with the bears of his native Russia. When not taking down bears, Dimitri can be found in a Heavy Metal ring dishing out dangerous strikes.

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The duo of Rique Jackson and Thomas Solomon - The Epitome of Wrestling - have solidified themselves as one of Heavy Metal's most hated tandems. Promising to restore the sport of grappling to it's former glory, Jackson and Solomon respect no one on their quest to create their own legacy.

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"The Scholar" Ethan Price truly believes he is the smartest man in Heavy Metal Wrestling, simply because he went to college. Armed with a notebook full of detailed notes on all opponents, Price is as arrogant as he is deluded. Often teaming with Kody Lane to make up Team 101, Ethan is crafty and dangerous.

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"Jazzy" J. Serious, while typically undersized, is as dangerous as any other athlete in Heavy Metal Wrestling, mainly due to ability to tie up his opponents in knots and strike with lightning quick speed. As crafty and intelligent as they come, J. Serious is a serious threat in Heavy Metal Wrestling!

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Jenna Lynn is a rookie sensation who has taken Heavy Metal Wrestling by storm! With less than 2 years experience, don't be fooled by Jenna's bubbly personality. Once that bell rings, she's all business! Winner of 2018 Alamo City Comic Con Stan Lee Cup!

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Despite being immensely talented, "The Detroit Import" Joe Demaro has not been well received by the Heavy Metal faithful. Perhaps that could be due to his arrogance or his obsession with social media and his cell phone. Be that as it may, Demaro has tremendous upside and limitless potential. And worst of all, he knows it.

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Kiefer Bartek, otherwise known as "Startek", has done little to endear himself to the fans of Heavy Metal Wrestling. With his personal hairstylist, Raychell Rose, always at ringside and his association with Great Scott, Kiefer has all the tricks up his stylish sleeves.

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A man obsessed with his own legacy, Great Scott (fka Scotty Santiago) is willing to go to any lengths to pick up a victory. Known to cheat at any given moment, Great Scott's morals have taken a backseat to his obsession with his own greatness.

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A graduate of the Hybrid School of Wrestling, Kiki Vibez has a nasty attitude and isn't afraid to show it. Despite being very young, Kiki has a huge chip on her shoulder and feels like she deserves the world. Also known to associate with The Hybrid Bruisers - Aaron Mercer & Richie Garcia.

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"Always Ready" Kody Lane is, quite possibly, the most gifted athlete in Heavy Metal Wrestling. Trained by ACH, Kody has adapted his mentor's agility, nasty strikes and innovative moveset. Lane feels it's just a matter of time before the world notices how good he is. Until then, he's stuck in this shit hole.

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Nasty, mean, and pissed off - Moonshine Mantel is a force to be reckoned with. Dubbed "The Son of Texas", there are very few who can stand toe-to-toe and match the strength of Moonshine. Usually in a bad mood, Moonshine takes out that frustration in the ring when he annihilates anyone standing across from him.

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First seen as the personal hair stylist of Kiefer Bartek, Raychell Rose burst onto the scene in mid-2018 after making her in-ring debut. She believes that not only does she posses "super-model good looks", but that there is no better professional wrestler today than Raychell Rose. Always there to help her client pick up a victory with some underhanded tactics.

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The other half of The Hybrid Brusiers, Richie Garcia's recent personality change has thrust him into the spotlight. Formerly known as Calavera, Richie ditched the face paint and now only cares about inflicting punishment in the ring. Often seen with Aaron Mercer and Kiki Vibez.

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From Sapporo, Japan - the kid that makes everything look #Easy - Shigeyuki Kawahara has been seen in Heavy Metal Wrestling multiple times and has never failed to impress. With precision strikes and dazzling athletic ability, Shigeyuki has a bright future in Heavy Metal Wrestling.

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Perhaps the biggest fan favorite of Heavy Metal Wrestling, Terrale Tempo is the total package. Incredibly athleticism paired with unparalleled ring intellect, Terrale Tempo has all the makings of a star. Typically cool, calm and collected, Tempo's biggest nemesis is Great Scott.

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"The King of Hoss Island" Thomas Shire is the highest caliber of athlete and has possibly the most impressive resume of any on the Heavy Metal Wrestling roster. Trained by Dory Funk Jr. Sho Funaki, Kaz Hayashi and spending time in the All Japan Dojo, Thomas Shire is a five star athlete.

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