Screaming for Vengeance Results

SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE took place on July 13th, 2018 at The Guillotine in San Antonio in front of a packed and raucous crowd. Headlined by a showdown between GREAT SCOTT and former Ring of Honor Top Prospect CURT STALLION, this event lived up to all of the hype and buzz that had been generated. With live music from LAST BATTLE, Heavy Metal Wrestling was underway and the evening started with a bombshell announcement.

DYLAN DUNBAR, the man who has become the de facto head of Heavy Metal Wrestling, was out first to introduce the show and also inform the crowd of some news that was received days before. Dunbar went on to explain that Heavy Metal Wrestling was currently being funded by a private financial backer and due to the risky nature of the past events that Dunbar had put together, the private backer was dangerously close to pulling out his funding. Dylan went on to explain that the decision had been made to remove him from the head of Heavy Metal Wrestling. Begrudgingly, and seemingly against his will, Dylan introduced the new General Manager of Heavy Metal Wrestling ..

Heavy Metal faithful let the Dan the Manager know exactly what they think of him. Credit: Kelly Kyle Photography

DAN THE MANAGER. Known throughout the Texas independent wrestling scene as a slimey, scummy sleazebag, Dan the Manager has quickly become one of the most hated men around and rightfully so. The fans at The Guillotine were not happy to see him, but that did not deter Dan from dropping bombshell announcement after bombshell announcement. First, he revealed that he was going to let Dylan Dunbar remain part of the organization, citing that Dunbar had grown into quite the ring announcer. Although Dylan would be stripped of any match-making duties and any authority whatsoever, he would be allowed to remain as Heavy Metal Wrestling’s ring announcer and host.

Dan would go to explain that he sought out to legitimize Heavy Metal Wrestling and the first step towards doing that would be introducing championship gold into the mix. He went on to explain that San Antonio was an important part of the Heavy Metal brand, and despite his ultimate goal of moving the organization to Austin, he felt it was in the company’s best interest to honor the Alamo City. Dan went on to introduce the creation of the BEXAR KNUCKLES CHAMPIONSHIP, aptly named for the county that San Antonio resides in.

He wasn’t done just yet.

The new General Manager of Heavy Metal then announced the beginning of a 16-Man Tournament which would crown the first ever Bexar Knuckles Championship. He stated that the first round matches would begin at the next event on August 10th and informed the crowd that the field had not yet been set. In fact, Dan’s last announcement for the evening was that every match that was happening that evening would now have the added stake of being a qualifying match for the Bexar Knuckles Tournament! Having shaken the core of Heavy Metal Wrestling, Dan smugly welcomed the crowd to HIS event and thanked them for their money, before exiting the ring.

Johnny Bedlam defeats (in order of elimination) Aaron Mercer, Joe Demaro and Alex Arsenal to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

Kiefer “Startek” Bartek defeats Chris Cruz by pinfall to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

Thunder Rosa and Holidead defeated Myka and “The Pink Dream” Alex Gracia by pinfall.

“The Heavy Metal Berserker” Ruben Steel defeats Ray Basura in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

Terrale Tempo defeats Luigi Primo via pinfall.

Terrale Tempo defeats Johnny Swole and Tony Tejano in a Triple Threat match to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

“The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith defeats (in order of elimination) Fantastico, Connor Crunk and Ricardo Rodriguez to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

ACH and J. Serious defeat Kody Lane and Ethan Price by pinfall.

Great Scott defeats Curt Stallion by pinfall to qualify for the Bexar Knuckles Championship Tournament.

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