Day 4 of NJPW Fighting Spirit

LA Dojo vs. Stray Dog Army – Team Match

These teams have their long history of crossovers, though they’ve had them individually, both for Knight and The DKC. Directly in the same team, both sides worked only 2 times over the past 2 years in 3 vs 3 matches. And in both cases, Knight and The DKC lost to this group. So now there is a chance to change the situation.

Former LA Dojo Generation 1 Young Lion Clark Connors also oversaw this match. He was a specially invited commentator, having time to speak about the upcoming main event.

Winners: LA Dojo (The DKC won by pinning Brown after Cruclix Driver).

Fred Rosser vs. TJP – title fight

The match was announced via a challenge from TJ to Rosser after his defense against Fred Yehi in the Day 4 main event STRONG: High Alert. Perkins immediately issued his challenge, although Rosser did not want to reschedule their meeting for another day.

Also before the match, Rosser had a promo with footage of his triumph, the first title defenses, as a demonstration of his status as a fighting champion, ready to fight anywhere and anytime. For the title or without it at stake.

Winner: Fred Rosser (title defense; his signature Bonecrusher Powerslam missed the target, but a second later, he secured the second for the Chicken Wing STF match and forced TJ to tap).

After the match, Rosser decided to pose a bit in front of the cameras after the victory and even gave high fives to several spectators. Still, as soon as he turned away from them … he was attacked by an unknown person with a chair who threw him into the ring. Unfortunately, that man turned out to be Chris Dickinson, and he didn’t stop beating him up, ending up with the usual brainbuster and title posing.

What are the predictions?

Somehow, this is how the mostly September road called STRONG: Fighting Spirit Unleashed ended. The end of this road turned out to be quite colorful and, in general, the same quality as the opening – two quite tolerable and normal fights, especially the opener with the victory of the young American lions and the new debut of an indie rookie, and a worthy main event with a match for the main championship brand.

Plus and return, which inspires certain prospects for the future. Now, perhaps the last month-long road STRONG: Autumn Attack is ahead, and to match the new tour from NJPW in Japan called Battle Autumn, which will lead to a big PPV in the USA – The Night Before Rumble on 44th Street: A Halloween Special on October 27th.

So the upcoming October road with a series of new weeklies should, in addition to other general programs, start issuing announcements for this PPV in honor of Halloween.