What happened on the WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Sami Zane vs. Kofi Kingston – Singles

During the release of The New Day, they greeted the New Orleans crowd and reminded them that New Day remains the record holder for the longest title reign as WWE Tag Team Champions at 483 days. And they are ready to defend him as the foundation of their legacy – that’s how Woods and Kingston indicated their desire to start a new title race for tag team titles in the hands of The Usos.

Wrestling commentator Michael Cole later recalled that The Usos had about 30 days left to catch up with this record and surpass it.

Winner: Sami Zane (attempts to complete the match after Helluva Kick or Blue Thunder Bomb failed, but the victory was brought by a folding reversed from Kofi’s and with help from Jay Uso).

Bron Strowman defeated Brian Thomas and James Maverick

It was squash and nothing from wrestling. After the match, Montel said that the time of such “monsters” as Bron had passed. Bron may have instilled fear in people before, but now he’s just in the shadow of Omos.

L.A. Knight defeated Mansua

2 weeks ago wrestling star Max Dupri officially renounced his fallen offspring in the agency Maximum Male Models. A week ago, he attacked former clients, designating himself with a new (old) name. Well, the output today is a classic of that same LA Knight!

A match that could have been a full duel without too many problems due to the capabilities of ex-Drake and ex-Mansour, but in the end became some kind of possible harbinger of the imminent fall of MMM. No matter how puffed up Mansua was, Knight turned out to be stronger, and given the attempts of Maxine Dupree and Mase, he was even more cunning than the others.

Defeated L.A. Knight after BFT, aka Blunt Force Trauma.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Hit Row

A week ago, the Mexican “cartel” in an updated line-up with wrestling star Zelina Vega debuted with an attack on Hit Row and made it clear that they were ready to continue to restore their order. So here is the debut in the ring for NXT natives and the potential revenge for the attack from the rappers.

Squash with parity roles – Hit Row almost disrupted the match with their attack on Toro and Wylde, and Escobar and Vega saved their comrades after only half a minute after the start of the battle, knocking out Adonis and Bi-Fab. Doll’s top fell at the hands of Cruz and Joaquin after their team tie, which Michael Cole dubbed the FCO.

Damage CTRL vs. Rodriguez, Blackheart and Perez

The match was the ex-Rock C’s debut on the main roster and also had the goal of finding someone to challenge Cora Jade before meeting her at Halloween Havoc.

Backstage, Roxanne Perez met former NXT wrestlers Shotzi and Raquel, the latter giving a warning about Cora, as Raquel had experience with her and knows Cora’s tenacity.