Wrestling global popularity

Wrestling appeared back in the 19th century – then entertaining fights were popular in Europe and the USA, it was just a staged competition type held at trade fairs.

Although the public’s aware that wrestling is a well-rehearsed fight in huge demand globally. Moreover, it brings much money to its organizers – hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

It isn’t a martial art but theatrical performance designed to give the audience cool emotions. Professional fighters combine several qualities. They master various martial arts techniques demonstrating remarkable athleticism. Still, they’re also trained in acting to make fight a natural spectacle that attracts fans.

Federations and their features

In early wrestling, there was real competition. Currently, tournaments have become big shows, and matches are nothing more than performance. Such institutions draw up confrontation scenarios, so the wrestlers follow predetermined schemes. Viewers get pleasure from such performances because they do not know who will win.

There’re numerous competitions held to attract many talented players and engaged audiences.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Any ratings of such competitions will be headed by the American WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It was founded in 1952 and became famous globally, it has turned into an iconic brand, and no less iconic individuals popularize it. Even people far from this discipline, MMA, and any martial arts have heard about John Cena.

WWE tournaments do not have age restrictions – they do not contain blood, profanity, or other elements that require the organizer to mark “18+”. That’s why competition popularity is growing exponentially. Bets on this discipline in more than 50% of cases refer to the events arranged by the American federation.

IMPACT! global competition

IMPACT! founders intend to influence the current power balance. Jarrett brothers founded a company in 2002, positioning it as a significant competitor to WWE. Unlike American pioneering company, IMPACT!

saturate performances with acrobatic numbers and dangerous tricks, so spectacle of tournaments increases several times. Federation does not shy away from blood with “strong words”. The real battle illusion exists.

Combat Zone Wrestling

Combat Zone Wrestling appeared in 1998, and federation founder was a famous ex-wrestler John Zandig. Limits on strong blows and real fight are weakened as much as possible, so it’s not for entertainment there – wrestlers show fight, not a show, but similar rules have led to demand from official TV channels.

Big Japan Pro Wrestling

Federation appeared in Japan and became popular among Japanese. Some competition elements were adopted from WWE, but it’s difficult to call them completely staged. Japanese love tough fights and BJW caters to the tastes of its fans.

Ring of Honor

Federation was founded in 2002. Its name isn’t accidental. Fighters’ mutual respect serves as a basis of competitions within this federation. Its programs have acrobatic tricks, fascinating gestures,
and other spectacular elements.

Federation took a turn in the show program direction, to the detriment of fighters’ dialogues.