Fresh news of the WWE NXT

Ria Ripley vs. Roxanne Perez

This wrestling battle was highly awaited. With the first movement, Ria threw her opponent out of the ring. In response, Perez attempted to attack Ria’s arm and leg but all this did not budge Ripley, and Roxanne, in desperation, punched her in the chest. Ria landed her flurry of punches and began to dominate slowly.

But suddenly, Roxanne performs an impressive reverse with a hurricanrana – top wrestling movement. Ria is in the ringside, and Perez tries to continue to attack, for which Ripley throws her face on the apron. Ria dominates for several minutes during the PiP commercial.

She landed several blows to the back of the neck and was about to finish her opponent with a killer stomp, but Roxanne dodged and hit Riya with several retaliatory blows. And Riya is no longer able to transcend those punches as easily. Roxanne is doing a suicide dive and is already climbing the third rope, from where she ends up doing a hurricanrana, but the ref only counted to 2.

Ripley is doing a facebuster again. Rip Tide’s attempts and Pop Rocks were blocked, but Perez was further distracted by Dominic, and Ria headbutted Rip Tide to win. Cora Jade, who was watching backstage, is pleased with this outcome.

Winner: Ria Ripley

Channing Lorenzo vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura seizes the initiative after a blow to the stomach and an axe kick. Wrestling star Booker T mentioned that Nakamura was the IWGP champion. Shinsuke, in the usual style, Shinsuke kicks Lorenzo, and one of them catches the young one.

Lorenzo started to throw heavy punches, but he did not manage to dominate for a long time. Nakamura fights back with a leg lariat and then performs a signature combo of blows. A German suplex from Nakamura and an armbar, but Lorenzo gets out and strikes a rope with his other hand. Shinsuke uses Kinshasa to knock his opponent into the ringside. There he shows Tony the money gesture.

Now Nakamura leads Kinshasa in the wrestling ring and wins.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Alba Fire vs. Sonya Deville

The match begins, and Alba headbutts her opponent. Sonya knocks down the opponent off the ropes and attacks the back several times, but she is not allowed to finish the Toxica match.

She wanted to take Gori Bomb Jane, but Gigi Dolin saved her rival, and Sonya Deville accidentally flew into Dolin with a kick. Fire turns off Sonya.

Winner: Alba Fire


After such humiliation, the Heel trio instantly knocked Fire down and began to choke her with her own baseball bat. At this time, Mandy Rose returns to the ramp and begins to talk about how ruthless she will be on Halloween Havoc.

At this moment, Alba still fights back and grabs his bat. Rose wanted to kill her with the title, but Alba foresaw this, which caused Mandy to flee in fear, leaving the Fire title again.